If you happen to be driving through Nevada on your family vacation this summer, you may glimpse what many believe is the future of trucking in this Country. Earlier this month, Germany’s Daimler unveiled its first self-driving truck to be licensed for commercial use in Nevada. Nevada was one of the first states to permit autonomous passenger vehicles and is the only state to license autonomous trucks for commercial purposes. Although the truck is designed to drive autonomously, a person still is required to be behind the wheel in order to assume operation of the vehicle under certain circumstances. The autonomous trucks are designed to take the long-haul driving burden (one of the main sources of driver fatigue) from the human driver and thus, reportedly, improve highway safety. Daimler representatives touted the technology and believe that it is ready for implementation across the Country. Daimler notes that its autonomous trucks have undergone rigorous testing and are ready for the move into commerce.

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