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From the Wright brothers inventing and building of the world’s first successful airplane, to Henry Ford’s use of the conveyor-belt assembly line to mass produce the first automobile that middle class Americans could afford, American innovators have a long tradition of thought leadership at the convergence of transportation and technology

Now, two U.S. Senators seek to continue this honorable tradition. U.S. Senators Gary Peters and Cory Gardner announced the formation of a bipartisan Senate Smart Transportation Caucus. According to a post on Senator Peters’ website, the “Caucus will encourage the development and deployment of existing and next-generation technologies including connected and automated vehicle-safety technologies, smart infrastructure, advanced traffic- and freight-management systems, real-time transit and parking technologies.”

As stated on Sen. Peters’ website and in a recent article by Roads&Bridges,“the Caucus will bring together relevant stakeholders, including federal and state agencies, the auto industry, the wireless industry, transportation safety advocates and experts from the cybersecurity and privacy sector to help shape the policies and priorities that will encourage the development of smart transportation technologies.”

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