Video cameras are everywhere these days: in stores, on street corners, in cell phones, and mounted on drones.  Now, a growing number of trucking companies are installing onboard video cameras in the cabs of their fleets.  Like their counterparts on school buses, continuous or event-based video cameras, many of which record both out the windshield and back towards the driver, serve a variety of purposes: monitoring driver performance, providing evidence in the case of accidents and improving safety.  Earlier this year, a study released by the National Transportation Safety Board found that “[b]oth continuous and event-based onboard video systems, along with a driver feedback program, may provide a long-term safety benefit for equipped vehicles.”  As part of that report, the NTSB recommended that the American Trucking Associations and others “[e]ncourage [their] members to ensure that any onboard video system in their vehicles provides visibility of the driver and each occupant seating location, visibility forward of the vehicle, optimized frame rate, and low-light recording capability.”

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