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For nearly 60-years, the Highway Trust Fund has financed the construction and maintenance of the US Interstate Highway System and other roadways. But, this Eisenhower-era fund is running on fumes and will shortly run out of gas. The extended deadline for the shutdown of this program is only two weeks away.

In July, the Senate and House agreed to extend the programmatic and expenditure authority of the Highway Trust Fund until October 29th. Also in July, the Senate passed its measure to reauthorize the Fund for another six years. However, the Senate’s six-year measure only identified three years of funding, causing consternation between the Senate and the House. Reportedly, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is expected to approve its own version of the reauthorization measure before the impending deadline; however, like the Senate’s plan, it remains unclear how the House’s proposal would be funded.

With time running out, and the continuity and safety of our highway system in jeopardy, Congress needs to resolve its differences and seek a long-term viable solution. To learn more about this story, see the AASHTO Journal article here.