Could it be the Game Changer?

Harkening back to the excitement and fanfare of Apple’s iPhone launches of yesteryear, on Thursday, Tesla revealed its latest electric car, the Model 3, and it had customers lining up – literally! TechCrunch reported that Tesla began taking pre-orders for its Model 3 in stores on the afternoon of its unveiling and many stores had lines wrapping around the block. Later that evening, the number of deposits for pre-orders exceeded 100,000 and continued to climb. By Saturday, the total exceeded 276,000 as reported by Green Car Reports.

Since the creation of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, its CEO and visionary, vowed to produce a high-performance plug-in car for the masses and as reported by SFGate, Musk was quoted as saying that the very reason for Tesla’s existence is to “accelerate the transition to sustainable transport” something Musk asserts “…is really important for the future of the world.” With the Model 3, at a base price of $35,0000, Musk would deliver on his promise.

Although, the first batch of cars won’t roll off Tesla’s California production lines for at least another two years, the Model 3 is already being heralded as the revolutionary catalyst that could lead to the mass production of electric cars – a feat that no other car company in the world has yet accomplished. Could the Model 3 be the game changer that reimagines the auto industry and helps to fight global warming? Stay tuned, as Elon Musk is reportedly going to give an update today on the number of pre-orders made in its first full week.

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Image via AP.