While much work still needs to be completed to validate the self-driving features and confirm all the necessary regulatory approvals, Tesla will offer purchasers the ability to order a self-driving capability package when buying their cars. According to Fortune, the vehicles with this package “will include eight cameras (not the standard four), ultrasonic sensors, radar, and a supercomputer capable of processing data 40 times faster than previously.”

This is game-changing technology. As reported further by Fortune, “Tesla regularly updates the software in its cars via wireless networks to enhance performance and fix security bugs. It’s been using these so-called over-the-air software updates for years. This capability has helped the company continually improve its cars even after they’ve been sold and to stay ahead of bigger and more established automakers.” But, “[l]oading cars with hardware that might not be used for years—and requires a software download to unlock the features—is unprecedented in the industry.”

Stay tuned for reactions from other driverless-car companies as Tesla has certainly revved up the pressure on its competitors in this space!

For more information on this and other Tesla updates, see the Fortune article here.